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oh my...


OK, I think I gathered enough lunatic on that thread.

I have a mission for you :
Like Zetr0, I use DOG, but I am somehow dissatisfied with the v1.53.
the v1.54 I use is buggy, but it has moar features.
I registered on DOG forum, but this place is quite empty.

I would like you to participate in my thread there, vote for "yes" and write a little blabla about v1.53 not being sexy enough and so on.

I should have the author of DOG proposing at least another version to download (he completely removed v1.54 from his site). I could see it for download on a Chinese forum, but I assume no one speaks Chinese here.

so at best : I would like the author Erik to compile ('tis already coded) a binary of v1.54

at worst : I would like to download v1.54 again, since I don't have the archive anymore.

YOU can make that happen.

Starts here

The funny thing is that the thread view count is not IP based, so each time you visit it, it will increase by one .
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