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Originally Posted by Crown View Post
StingRay: Sorry you won't manage to piss me off, your angry words simpky give me a good laugh.
Laugh as much as you want, if you think I want to piss you off you didn't understand anything I wrote in this thread. Which, in turn, makes me laugh.

I joined the Amiga scene long before 2000 and the birth of Scarab
Surprise surprise, so did I. What exactly do you want to tell me with that anyway? And even if you joined the scene back in 1911 (yeah, cheap jokes ftw \o/) I would still have written exactly the same anyway.

And I suggest that you would read: !
Again, what do you want to tell me with that? Apparently you think you know me while in fact you have no clue who or how I am. Anyway, I find this all rather amusing as all the assumptions you made so far are wrong.

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