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Originally Posted by keropi View Post
I am in the process of replacing fans atm, maybe I even add those tested "vantec iceberq4 pro" heatsink/fans on both cpu/gpu
Waste of money if you have a v1.2+ box. The GPU & CPU have perfectly working passive heatsinks. Combined with a 70mm, 7v, Acoustifan (see links above) you get a perfectly silent xbox which even at 10% fan speed never goes above 55c

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
I really wonder though why GBA emulation is not 100% speed...
I've not played it in a while but I remember it being damn close. Switch off complex scaling & filtering?

Originally Posted by keropi View Post
IIRC I was running a fullspeed emu on my pIII/500 pc at some point...
Probably a different emu, either older and more inaccurate, or a totally different core.

My personal favourite upgrade for XBOX was the XIR so lazy gits like me can switch their xbox on without having to walk over (and more importantly off & back on when it crashes!)

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