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Originally Posted by NovaCoder View Post
Hiya speedyIDE is not really part of BlizKick, it's just a module that you can use. You can use SpeedyIDE on it's own, someone even included it in an update to scsi.device on this board.

There are also other utils that will allow you to move your OS from ROM to your FASTRAM which will help boost your performance.
Well I have CPU FASTRAM to toss the 3.1 roms into the MMU of the Microbotics board, I am not sure if that is what you are talking about.

Is speedyide easy to install on its own? I couldn't find it on Aminet, only the blizkick archive.

***EDIT*** I downloaded Blizkick and extracted speedyIDE and tossed it into C: When I typed SpeedyIDE from a command line and nothing barfed. Noticed a SMALL increase in writefile speed over my already speedy IDEFIX/Express combo. Can I just toss SpeedyIDE into C: and call it from Startup Sequence or do I need to run it in any special way? For an OS 3.1 guy like me, any other of those modules useful?

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