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Mmmm... seeing as I've booted from Hiren's right now, I can't really get to check the internals of the network..... well, other than what's on the Amiga, that is.

Pinging from Amiga to this PC, OK. Can't ping the Amiga from Hiren's, it seems

Right now, I'm using MiamiDX (I don't really have a need for anything else.... ) with dynamic IP, netmask.

And how strange..... Just tried to go on the web with the Amiga.... and it seems to work.... so I guess then there's something on my Winslows computer that is screwing up somewhere..... :scratch

AAANND guess what..... it's screwed up again.. I got onto one single webpage, and clicked login..... and then I couldn't get anymore webpages at all

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