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Originally Posted by Doc Mindie View Post
As I said... I only changed the driver from Prism2 to the 3com one that comes with the EasyNET 3com card... 3C589.device, I believe?

With then DNS, gateway and netmask being the exact same, you would think I get the same results with both wired and wireless.... right?

right at the moment now I'm trying to recover some stuff on the PC, the MFT became corrupted on the drive with all me mp3's on.... but I'll post my settings and such as soon as I'm up and running again.
Right, you would think that this would be all you need to do but I am concerned that upon changing the driver that it may reset settings?

What is your primary TCP/IP stack? I use MiamiDX but keep AmiTCP/Genesis around for the telnetd.device my bbs uses. My point there is just that we need to make sure we are troubleshooting the right stack.

I just want to become familiar with a network before I start troubleshooting it, so info on your LAN would be most helpful. The fact that the Amiga can reach some things as opposed to nothing makes me think it is a configuration issue in the network settings and not the driver or hardware itself.
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