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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
A port of the linux branch of Snes9x to the PS3. Your point being? The date? Take a look at a random post about the PPC gamecube GX branch dating back to well before the PS3 was released!

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Bearing in mind one core of the 360s CPU is virtually identical to the PPU in the PS3 I find it extremely unlikely they used any other version than the PS3 one, they aren't complete idiots after all.
Erm, but you seem to be. It's C-code! They didn't copy the PS3's PPC binary, they compiled a new one from the source code. Snes9x is designed to be platform independent and can be compiled for a wide range (all?) CPUs.

They didnt use the main line linux version because they are running without an OS. They compiled the Gamecube SNES9x GX branch with mods to the renderer for the 360 GPU to be a stand alone application, it even fecking says so on their webpage!
Originally Posted by TMBINC
I used Snes9x GX, i.e. the Wii/Gamecube-Port, as a base.

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