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I think he's a bit overly harsh on a few of them.

The pad design was the least of the Jaguar's problems, it is actually quite useful and having so many buttons makes games such as Iron Soldier a dream!

As for the Sega Saturn's "Overly complex architecture" that is rubbish. The problem was the "Unbelievably complex, low-level SDK!". It doesn't matter how complex the hardware is underneath if the SDK abstracts it well enough for the softies and reveals enough when they want it. The Success of the PSOne and XBOX-360 are almost soley down to their amazing SDK's.

The "HUGE" controller on the xbox only shipped for about six months before being replaced with the S type controller for the rest of the consoles life, another four and a half years! And no mention about the main problem with the xbox which was the sheer size of the console! Not particularly portable when you want to take it round your mates on your bike! And it's side problem of fan-noise.

And the SP thing was just nit picking. Nintendo did a review and found that of the 2 million or so Gameboy users, almost no-one ever used the headphone jack and that is why it was dropped, to save money! Not a design flaw at all, didn't put customers off.
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