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Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Wow, who's willing to bet they used the PPC version already made for linux on PS3?
Me, me, me! I bet you a SQUILLION pounds they didnt!!

One: Snes9x is written in C so is (somewhat) processor agnostic. There is no "PPC version"!

Two: They used the SNES9x GX branch which pre-dates the PS3 by ooo... say 3 years! Originally written for the GameCube and later ported to the Wii. (Those two have PPC too btw.)

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
Anyway come back when they have actually managed to hack and run code natively using the 360s own OS, then there might be something worth talking about.
Erm... Duh! What you think they've just done? This is a full hack, 100% bypasses the Hypervisor, gives full access to all hardware enabling them to run native code at full speed! They can now patch 360's OS to death if they like.

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