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I followed the instructions on this page to experience enhanced background music in ScummVM, and in DosBOX when available.

@Sh00n : I stress "background music" because I think you shouldn't be surprised that the volume level sounds relatively low :
MIDI instruments in games are rarely used to simulate a hard rock concert but provide gentle atmospheric music
(there might be rockin' audio tracks in a few games, and in this case the soundbanks may not be very well suited).

The setup of "Yoke" needs you to follow these steps carefully
glad I had to deal with VSTi plugins in the past,
but it doesn't take more than a few minutes and a reboot to complete.

Although I am tempted to make a repack , there's not much to add to the above instructions.

The steps not to be missed :
  • Selecting Out To MIDI Yoke: 1 as your MIDI Output Device from the MIDI menu
  • setting the MIDI drum channel
Apparently, the SAVIHost must be running all the time to hear the MIDI channel in ScummVM,
so the minor quibble is that a last step could have been proposed to turn it into a "daemon" .

The "enhancements" may not be obvious in DOS games, I'll check that out eventually.

Here's how my UI looks like (don't look down my pants, you perv) :
  • I used the GeneralUser GS v1.43 SoftSynth soundbank (about 30MB, there are FluidSynth and "Soundblaster" versions... nice !), which can be downloaded from S. Christian Collins web site
  • Effects were disabled and my Drum Channel was set to 128
  • If you tick Autosave plugin bank from the file menu, the program will save/load your soundbank automatically

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