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Microsoft have already released an update which has killed this homebrew path by changing the first stage bootloader. They reported that 90% of consoles which regularly go on Live have already been patched.

If you have gone on Live in the last week or so homebrew is no-longer an option on your 360.

Someone here has a brand new console bought this week and it has already been patched.

Ah, so long 360 homebrew

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
The PS3 (and therefore the 360) can barely run an OS nevermind soemthing meaniful on it afterwards.
Using only one of the three PowerPC CPU's at 1/4 speed the 360 homebrew-ers implemented Snes9x (albeit without sound) at full speed. I'd say that your statement is untrue.

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
PS3 has had this "functionality" since it was launch and no one bothers with it because it's a complete waste of time.
PS3 linux sucks because it runs under the hypervisor. An emulator which runs linux which then runs an emulator. No-wonder it is slow!

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