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OK, Jim. My iBook is a G3 700 MHZ and 512 MB RAM, running OS X.
Thats pretty much all I need to run VPC perfectly. Only downside: No matter what, gaming on it (meaning running Windows games)will be slow. Only the older PC games, such as those from 1997-98 or those not requiring 3D effects heavily, run fine. No big deal, thats why I have a PeeCee.
As for a Titanium Powerbook, that is total drool factor. My boss owns one and its got the huge screen, and its to die for.
Now, those new lil eMacs are cool. They are G4s, y'know. And your clone is poor on games? Well it IS a clone and it is old. My freinds G3 366 MHZ iMac runs all his Mac games fine, save for the intense newer ones. Thats why he got the Nvidia Ge Force 3 and should be blazing soon. As for your problems with not being able to run OS X, which blows System 9.x to smithereens, is your clone a G3 upgrade? G3 upgrades cannot run OS X. No matter, OS X is only runnable on native G3's and G4's and upcoming G5's. And only on Apple's propietary units.
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