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It is a lot easier to clone an Xbox hard drive using ghost 7.5 -ir from a DOS boot disk, this will copy byte for byte and do a raw image and you can still get back the space. I use the FTP function in Total commander for general file copying, its simple to use on a home network). To use Ghost for cloning, you just need to hook up the source to primary and destination to secondary on your PC, make sure you use 80 wire cables or you will notice a very slow cloning speed and run Ghost with the -ir switch. You can also use the -ir switch for cloning Satellite receiver hard drives too, very handy to do a clone in case of HD failure you should also use the -fni switch if there are no ide devices attached to your computer, It doesnt hurt just to add the switch regardless. I also use it at work to make a weekly clone of my Mitel voicemail HD, if that goes down the entire programming for mail boxes is lost... that would not be a fun couple of days redoing mailboxes. and special features.

A lot of forensic places use ghost before they start messing around with the hard drive cos it preserves the data and allows them to use a clone for data retrieval purposes

edit: you can also clone 2.5" notebook drives, CF cards, and obviously Amiga 2.5" HD's using the same switches. The CF card cloning can persuade problem CF cards to behave most of the time, as long as your computer can recognise it as a drive then you should be set. All this is done from a DOS boot disk (or bootable USB stick)

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