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iGame screenshots on low res/colour displays

I was looking into integrating OddbOd's converted screenshot pack for iGame into the ClassicWB as an install option. Pics found here:

However, I've found that the render/guigfx.library scaling in iGame produces artifacts on native Amiga displays (256 colours and below). Instead of clean colours, you get random dots in some places like it's trying to dither unnecessarily even in 256 colour screenmode.

If you use the noguigfx tool type, the artifacts disappear in all colour modes but of course I will have to batch resize all the images myself for the different display modes used in the ClassicWB packs as the current one's are too big for many native resolutions.

The problem isn't there on True-colour displays. The whole idea of the guigfx lib is that pictures look there best on any display and size.

Has anyone else noticed this?
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