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Well I do actually have a MAC, officially it's a MAC clone from Power Computing. It's a PowerCenter 150 that has been upgraded with a 400MHz G3 and 256MB of ram. Problem is that it can only run up to System 9.xx

Since I'm primarialy a gamer I tried running some games on it and it was really lacking in power Even sticking in a Voodoo 5 PCI card didn't help it any

At this point I'll just use it to mess around with and then maybe get a new eMAC instead, but what I really want is either a dual G4 box or a Titanium PowerBook

Oh well, I guess I know how to build my own boxes and what works and doesn't work together and one thing that a Windows based machine needs is plenty of RAM, you really should have 512MB minimum, preferrably 1GB or more as RAM is pretty darn cheap now a days

Also I'm interested in knowing what you use to run XP with on your MAC so fess up Fred
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