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"My Friends! Let Me Thank You For Returning Dorina And For Bringing Such Joy Into My Life Again! To Show My Gratitude I Can Only Offer You Two Small Keys. One Fits The Door Of My Treasure Chamber, Take Whatever You Like! The Other Key Opens The Door To Our Test Mine. I Leave It To You, Together With Some Very Confidential Information. A Few Days Ago During Some New Test Diggings We Discovered A Door Made Of Solid Metal. All Attempts To Open It Failed And Further Digging Was Prevented By An Invasion Of Tornaks In The Mines. Take A Look At That Door If You Like, Perhaps You Can Discover Its Secret." Kire's Expression Becomes Rather More Serious For A Moment. "i Know That You Have Not Given Up Hope Of Leaving This Moon Again. Anyone Else Could Not Even Bear The Mere Thought, But You Are Extraordinary People. I Am Aware That Your Little Airship Cannot Carry A Whole Planet Full Of People, Or Even Half A Planetful, But I Would Ask You To Think Of Us If You Manage To Get Away From Here." "and Finally I Would Advise You To Visit My Son Ketnar In Dor Grestin. Give Him My Best Regards And Speak To Him About 'ruins'. My Contacts Tell Me That The Forest Runners Have Discovered Something Very Interesting!
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