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Now we have .apd (Thanks Tom) Sensi's 'just' a case of someone imaging the original floppy - I haven't got a copy but someone will.

Now, joysticks and the Arc:
It could be said this is an area where Acorn dropped the ball...
...The original 'standard' was the same analogue port as the Beeb - lovely except Acorn didn't fit one to any of their 32bit computers, you needed an upgrade. So that wasn't well supported.
...Next they went for an Atari-type port with a new standard - less lovely but ok except Acorn only fitted an Atari-port to the A3010. So also not well supported though better than the analogue standard.

The result?
Many (especially early) games didn't support a joystick at all.
Lots of peeps made adaptors for other ports that usually followed the Acorn digital standard.

With luck you have some form of Acorn digital-standard supporting joyport.
(Acorn's own module for the A3010 or an equivalent for another computer)
You have a collection of games that wouldn't know a joystick if they sat on it.

The solution is as follows:
-Digital joystick with driver that follows Acorn's standard. (Here, PC+Arculator)
-!Joyfix - An app that can map keys from your chosen game to said joystick. (I have a feeling that's included in the Classic RiscOS install )
Then a bit of fiddling to tell !Joyfix what keys to use if I haven't already done it for you.
-!MouseJoy (also included in Classic RiscOS) will emulate the Acorn digital standard with your mouse should you lack a stick AND can be used with !Joyfix if you wish.

Now don't you wish Acorn had put a joy port in more of their d*mn computers as standard?
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