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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Great. Works flawless here. Just tested "The Last Ninja" from the QubeServer. Is this the original full version or still a demo? I still can't pickup anything.
Yes, the .apd is indeed the full version. Pick up with 'P'. (Yes, I know that's usually pause)

BTW: Is it time you changed your avatar RN?

Just a thought.

RiscOS machines come in roughly two types:
-'Classic' Machines, 'Arcs'.
-'Modern' Machines, RiscPC & such-like.

Arculator emulates to former, RedSquirrel the latter though if emulating a 'modern' system I'd go for RPCEmu...

...VA5000 is a commercial Arc emulator & VirtualRiscPC a commercial, um, RiscPC emulator.
...There's other emulators to for DOS, Linux, RiscOS...

...Tom's emulators are, of course, just fine and dandy.

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