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God, speaking of bombs, my first computer, an Atari St, used to bomb so often I phsically smashed the head of my pal Kraig who sold it to me. He was enjoying his new Amiga 500 and later got a 1200. Drool.
OS X is so ridiculously stable that I have yet to hear of one crashing. This is in large part due to the OS's kernel being BSD Unix. The OS of legendary stability, of course. Wanna hear a funny story? The idiot freind of mine that built my PeeCee invited me to a LAN party. UGH. FPS and such. So I sat there as their beloved XP gave networking troubles and two of them had their XP crash. Hours wasted. Meanwhile, I am using XP on my iBook, giggling gleefully. Never had a problem with XP on my Mac.
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