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Ah, yes a couple of the games are proving a little ticklish in conjunction with all the hacks attached to this install...
...a work-around for any such game is to boot the emulator holding down <Shift>. This will cause RiscOS to start in 'factory' mode - TLN will now work...
...I'll get to the bottom of this issue eventually but I've spent most of my time on this game trying to fix the graphic glitches in the cracked version. (nearly there)
<Shift>booting also gives a idea how much has been done to this install. Still, given that 3.1 was released in 1992 it still looks good.

You'll notice despite a fair few extras that the 1.0 archive is smaller than the 0.98. How? I deleted !Photodesk - still commercial software (oops) & I got tired of trying to make it work properly with OS3.1. (really a modern app)

!Boot has a new feature too (double-click on it). This will give you easier access to some of the extras - <Menu>clicking on most apps will give you access to the !Help file for said app...
...many of the extras won't be apparent just by looking @ the desktop.
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