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Holy cr*p! The updater actually works?

Ok, so I had more confidence in it than that but my RiscOS command-line skills are a bit rusty...
...if anyone feels like looking though the updater app's contents & make sure everything that was supposed to happen actually did I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for the heads-up RN, I'll just go add that little tit-bit to the ReadMe

Thanks very much for mirroring TCD, much appreciated.

Oh, other new stuff added to the site, much more to come.

The next update of Classic RiscOS will hopefully have a full set keyboard short-cuts patched into the GUI - something 'lacking' in RiscOS, if you like that kind of thing... would have made it into the v1.0 release but I'm having trouble tracking down what other hacks/patches are interacting badly with this one.

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