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Cool Silly Mortal Kombat 2 glitch

Just found it thanks to the folks from, what appears to be a silly glitch when you play the 1MB version of the game and do the right moves.

[ Show youtube player ]

Anyone remembers it? I most certainly don't, as I probably never made Friendship with anyone, except once maybe when I wanted to see it...

[ Show youtube player ], showing how to reproduce the glitch in easy steps (sorry, Polish only ).

Basically what you must do is:
1. Play the floppy version of the game on a 1MB machine or the 1MB WHDLoad version (you know, the one that doesn't contain all the extra sounds, and smoke effects, and stuff like that).
2. Choose Liu Kang and Shang Tsung.
3. Beat the crap out of Shang Tsung in the 1st round.
4. Now in the 2nd round steal ~90% of Shang Tsung's life and morph him to Liu Kang.
5. Kill the false Liu with the real Liu and do the Friendship move.
6. Admire the glitch...

... but, that's not the end. Now choose any character against any other character, and enjoy the madness!!!
Not for long though, it will probably soon go guru...

PS: Pardon for the cellular phone quality of the vids

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