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Originally Posted by Maren View Post
6. It takes like 6 levels to reach the first boss, the boss is not in a Castle and it's no an insect anymore...
Make that 8 levels

Originally Posted by Maren View Post
7. You can take as much damage from enemies as gems you have collected, which can of brings some balance to the overall increased difficulty of the new levels.
You have a life bar (which is really useful in these levels), but it has nothing to do with the crystals you collect. You simply lose them all when you die.

Originally Posted by Maren View Post
12. In order to be able to hit the boss hiding under the ruins, you must first kill the summoned owls, but as it turns out, sometimes the owls will land on platforms which are unreachable without the boss to bounce on (because he's still hiding), which results in the player never being able to kill the bastard.
You can jump on the platform to the right I think I know why you couldn't defeat the boss Next up is an ice world...
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