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I'm still playing this great game Ambermoon, and do have made quite a lot of progress.. in my own, without any help.. But now, I'm a little frustrated(!?).. err.. (was it the right word to tell how I feel...?) :-)

okay.. Im in the forest moon now, and was a little stuck, after finding the Tornak cave and having killed all tornaks(!) in the test mine.. there was a door, which asks: which number ?
Idon't quite have aclue about that... but reading THIS thread, i noticed a picture of "Ruins".. and I guessed they were somewhere in this forest moon.
So, I asked Ketnar about ruins... then he told me that "secret" of the old ruins located in the north-west of Dor Grstin.. and soon I found them. I 'm currently playing this ruins section, and DON'T need any help for that yet, but I'd like to ask one important question: -HOW WOULD I WAS SUPPOSED TO KNOW TO ASK KETNAR (OR ANYONE ELSE CHARACTER) ABOUT "RUINS ? :-)
I guess I ve missed some important part now.. ?! :-/
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