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Originally Posted by Crown View Post
StingRay: If my answers do not please you, simply do not read this thread. No use to express your bitter feelings here. I am an Amiga scener, not C64, yet I pay some interest at what happens on the C64. Maybe you should too.
Your answers just show me that you don't have much clue of the actual Amiga scene which is why I react in the way I do. All you do is complain about the 'oh so dead' Amiga scene giving the C64 scene as reference and stuff which just doesn't work.
And speaking of the C64 scene, how do you know that I'm not interested in it? I know a lot of people from the c64 scene personally so that's just another one of your rather clueless arguments.

Originally Posted by Crown View Post
Btw, I am sorry to say that neither you nor me represent all the sceners. As such I am interested in not having the only opinion of yours (which you've expressed already) but to hear the opinion of other sceners on that matter. Do you understand?
Many other people here gave good reasons, you call them "irrelevant". Now show me what you can do, I'm eagerly waiting for a demo done by you. Walk the walk, don't just talk the talk.

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