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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I'd imagine that commercially the Amiga was on its last legs when GTA was under development so can't imagine it was ever intended to be released.
In 1997/8, when the game hit the shelves the Amiga had been abandoned for the best part of half a decade. When it was started in 1996 the Amiga had still been dead for a long time. Over two years since the death of Commodore! The GTA authors had in the meantime written on the PC Engine, SNES and N64 as well as the PC. Why would they go back to the Amiga? I've just looked and seen several webpages saying GTA was originally an Amiga title. But until I seem more evidence, I still believe that people are seeing "DMA" and thinking Lemmings, Amiga etc. and making shit up.

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