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The fastest way to copy things to the hard drive is to put it in the PC and use a FATX capable tool (albeit made for the 360) such as xboxplorer or the Datel one.

If you are going to use FTP to transfer native games then you can get a slight speed boost by using the AVALAUNCH dasboard's ftp server and QWIX. (You get about 9.5MB/s depending on your hard drive) plus it will batch process lots of ISO images at once.

While you probably don't care with 1.5TB of storage, but I find it good to delete all the "dashboard_update.xbe" files which are about 50MB / game.

I use a wired network on my main XBOX, but I had reasonable results with the official X-Box wireless G adapter, the MN-740, on the one in the bedroom.

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