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Gonna be nice to have that set up.. Is this just a overkill thang? for the past 6 years i have had a modded xbox with a 80 gig hd and it is loaded with every emu out there for it and have our regular played games on it and still have 1/4 of the space left. Xbmc we use everyday if not every couple days is our main multimedia center and have turned the fan down thur it and really if it was at normal or at a higher rate we down hear anyhow cause the surround 7.1 is cranked! movies is streamed and deleted form the pc (where it is downloaded and stored anyhow for a week or two). anyhow my 2 cents, xbox is my perfect emu (MAME) machine that streams movies from the pc and playes the odd dvd.. oh and the samsung is the best dvd rom to have in it.. reads everything by far than the thompson or the phllips dvd rom!!!!

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