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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Not quite sure why you'd want that much storage. Only XBOX native games need to be on the XBOX hard drive, everything else can be on the network.
Hmm.. I guess saying this in the original post didn't deter you from commenting. Streaming works, but I did not want the dependence on a computer (or NAS) just to run emulators. With your logic I guess I could have just left the original drive in and run everything from DVD.

Not to mention that 1.5TB hard drives are still stoopid money at the moment. You can get a 750GB for less than 1/4 the price.
They're getting cheaper. 2TB HDs have been seen as low as $179 on special locally, 1TB are under $100 regularly. I paid a bit more for the 5200RPM HD because of noise and heat concerns. Either way I think I'll be happy to have ~600 full games and just about every emulator set I have online in a single box.
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