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The 1.5TB-Box

I'm starting a small project to upgrade my modded Xbox (original) to have ample disk space for games, emulators, media, etc. I figured I'd post pics and commentary for anyone that cares.

Add 1.5TB HD to Xbox.
Install XBMC.
Install as many games, emulators, etc. that will fit.

Modded Xbox = already owned (probably $30-40 for a nice system)
Western Digital Green Power 1.5TB Hard Drive = $123 shipped from Dell (currently ~$130)
SATA to IDE Adapter = $4.45 shipped from DealExtreme

Because... Actually the original Xbox is a decent gaming and emulator platform. With XBMC it is also an good media player. I'm sure I'll get comments about how you can stream most of the content to the Xbox (media, emulators, etc.) but I want this to be a simple single box entertainment system. Also, the price isn't too bad.

Please keep this thread civil. I realize that Microsoft is not everyone's favorite company. This thread has little to do with them, other than they are the creators of the core piece of hardware involved.
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