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Hello all;
Do you know the website ? you can play against other players from all over the earth, games like Stree fighter 2 ce, king of fighters etc...
It has stats, replays and the interface seems cool, and the number of players is always high (especially on the street fighters)
I considered myself a good Ken fighter, but yesterday i got 20 continuous losses from a Guile fighter; This reminded of the 90's memories, I've never had so much fun since a looooong time, i sweared like crazy;
It's all tactics, cold play, and seize the opporunity for maximum damage!

All the games are arcade versions, and run on some type of mame, with the great scalers.

My online ID is "sorum10" and you can find me in the "Street fighter 2 ce" room;
Hope to find you fellow amigans there
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