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I have it, havn't (yet) been able to get it to work "properly".

I had a decent (enough) configuration running under version 4.0, but trying to run that under AF2009 is "proving to be problematic".
This is on an AMD based laptop running 64 bit Vista, the same machine that ran 4.0 quite well.

This is my second attempt, when I uninstalled it from the first fiasco it wiped out my WORK: and SYSTEM: volumes from the 4.0 installation as well, so I had to resort to back-up.

Right now my guess is that the display settings for WinUAE are colliding with the prefs settings in the emulator, with the laptop's display settings, etc.
I just get gray screens no matter what I set for displays, or it flashes the screen and quits.
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