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Originally Posted by Jgames View Post
In theses days of high polys 3D graphics, neural AI, ragdoll 3D physics, I still would prefer to see "SIMPLE" 2D games to be mainstream again, I think we don't need raytracing capable games to enjoy gaming, i think quite the contrary!
Of the games i would like to see on game shops again, i would like games:

2) platforming 2d games, the likes of shinobi, gods and turrican, a sequel of arcade shinobi, even a "data disc", a gods 2 and i'll buy;
There are some new pseudo 2d platform games in production, Trine for example (which is on steam at the moment as well). Admittedly it uses a 3d engine to display a 2d perspective (not unlike Street Fighter 4), but it shows that there is still a love of the 2d perspective. The last properly 2d games I recall playing were back on the PSX (Heart of Darkness being one of them - very reminiscent of Another world/flashback)
3) Adventure games, make a beneath a steel sky 2 (in hand drawn 2d please) and dream comes true;
There has been a big resurgence of remaking old point and click games of late with both the Sam and Max and Wallace and Grommit Steam episodic games, and now Monkey Island getting a once over with high definition graphics on both the PC and XBLA.
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