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Originally Posted by Photon View Post
I think Stingray sounded angry cos he has gotten the "wanna make a demo with me? I can make the logo!" question many times, and below are some reasons why he maybe doesn't enjoy those :P
I wasn't angry, just realistic. I'm not a fan of these "OMG the Scene is dead!!!!11eins" kind of posts though, that's true.
Thing is, there are still enough demos released and I for one enjoy coding them. And there are people here at EAB who recently restarted coding or started to learn coding effects (Hi Vortex, hi PMC =) which I find incredibly cool.

Comparing C64 scene with Amiga scene doesn't say much either, after all, there are much more C64 coders than Amiga coders and a lot of the C64 releases aren't anything I would consider "cool". There are some incredibly mindblowing demos released though, but if you know that HCL worked for about 7 years on Edge of Disgrace you may realise how much work and time is required for a good demo these days on such limited platforms like C64 or also the Amiga.

Anyway, my point is, demo coding is fun but complaining about lack of releases, specially when you never coded a demo yourself, isn't going to help much. And I for one prefer good quality releases instead of another of these "Logo, starfield, scroller" demos I mentioned in my first post. One of the reasons there were much more releases back in the day (tm) is the fact, that a lot of them weren't anything special at all, i.e. they were incredibly easy to code.

Just my 2 € cents.
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