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I like the exploring type of games.

And yes, graphics and music don't make a game better than the level of its gameplay and ideas. So developing with test graphics until it's fun even with black and white blocks makes sure it's fun with the proper graphics

But graphics and music can help draw the player into the game and "experience" it, maybe even dream away... graphics and music just for entertainment don't, tho.

And yes, more studios should consider "degrading the high end gfx" to fit a new visual style of a game, instead of constantly following whatever new shader tricks and algorithms emerge from the industry. But gfx cards/consoles are standardized and programmers are busy keeping up and unable to go their own way. See my post here

Certainly a lot of fun stuff could be had with just a framebuffer with 2D/isometric/custom 3D/etc!

All PD platformers being bad doesn't mean yours will, gogogo! Certainly, platformers can be much more fun than other standardized genres, like shootemups. Those were you can do more than shoot and jump are more fun to me. (Throw stuff, jump into a tank, swing in lianas, go into houses...)

Also, I think a lot of people would love sequels in the form of well-designed new levels. So for games that people already love because they're already perfect fun, with just some new levels and a lot of playtesting you could have a cracking sequel real quick... you could even keep most or all of the level gfx

Me, I gave serious thought to hacking the level design of Marble Madness when I had that arcade cab. Some games are just so lovely you want more and more and more

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