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Originally Posted by Doobrey View Post
Sorry FOL, I'm officially confused.
Is there a problem with the 44.2 scsi.device on the A4000T's IDE, or are you using the SCSI interface?

There's not much point in a SCSI version for the A4000T/A3000, since most of the fixes+optimising are in the IDE task.

Chris Hodges' TLSFMem archive( has a patch for the IORequest size bug that applies to them though.
K, I understand now. Still getting used to all this module stuff.

The IDE on the A4000T refused to work, so Im using scsi and not IDE.

So scsi doesnt need any patches? its already fixed?

I stuffed TLSFMem into the deneb and it killed it. I had to remove it and it worked again.

Another question, is there a page or something with cyberstorm 060 updates, patches or fixes?
I spent over an hour searching and found nothing.

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