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Originally Posted by FOL View Post
Doobrey, any chance of an A4000T scsi version. Cause I tried the A4000 scsi.device and the A4000T ignored it (as its IDE?) and loaded the original 40.20 scsi.device.

Well, the system sees the 44.2 and uses it, but HDToolBox only wants to use 40.20. So im not sure exactly which is being used. I had an NCR scsi.device and n
Normal scsi.device 43.45 and both saw the same.
Sorry FOL, I'm officially confused.
Is there a problem with the 44.2 scsi.device on the A4000T's IDE, or are you using the SCSI interface?

There's not much point in a SCSI version for the A4000T/A3000, since most of the fixes+optimising are in the IDE task.

Chris Hodges' TLSFMem archive( has a patch for the IORequest size bug that applies to them though.
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