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In the late 80's early 90's, I had almost 50% free time to do what I wanted. Work being a priority, beer next and girls a close 3rd, I had plenty of time to muck about on the Amiga. Now it's a totally different storey, kids and a wife being the main problem, money being the second and time.............what time, there isn't enough hours in the day

Although I try and spend as much time on my peecee, it's always interrupted here there and everywhere so to be able to code etc, won't be easy and if your demanded on a regular basis 'cause the wife has set fire to the cooker 'n' she needs you to put it out it's not easy to get back to where you left off.

I have had, in the past, some brilliant ideas, which have been ruined 'cause of the demands of the wife and kids, so I tend not to over indulge in anything over sophisticated anymore

It's a shame, I know, but that's life and it can't be undone + the intense need to create Demos has almost diminished over time. There are a few still making them, PMC on here for one is learning and is doing a fantastic job So I suppose it's down to the lifestyle and/or the needs of the individual themselves.

I'll always make some contribution to the Amiga scene, it's just finding the time where I can knuckle down without the casual interruptions and that's gonna be hard
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