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I went to Breakpoint in 2007 and the Amiga releases were a bit thin on quality that year as well, but at this juncture in life i am not really that concerned about whether or not a new Amiga demo comes out or if the whole Amiga Demo Scene fizzles out completely (i don't mean that of the WHOLE Amiga Community though, just the Demo Scene)

Its not because i want it to happen, its just that the older you get (as most of us know) the busier you get and your priorities shift up a gear and the time you can get spending it playing around on an Amiga gets extremely thin on the ground.

If i knew how to code a demo, i would give it a shot but i don't, although for the guys that DO know how, well all i can say is that if they spent as much time coding Demo's today as they did in the 80's and 90's, then they would have to be completely off their nut!!! because all would do is cut into every other facet of their life such as work, women/wife, kids, travel, house...etc... basically having a life!

That's not to knock those who are still in their late 30's or 40's still making demo's, if they have the time and all else is sorted and life is good then yeah GO FOR IT!!!... but as the guys are saying, time moves on and you need to move with it otherwise it will bite you in the rectum.
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