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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Sorry guys, but I can't read this any longer... is this discussion funny or sad, I don't know
....why don't you ask the author of a program when nobody knows the answer to your questions. I've seen a lot of discussions like this in many forums, but never got an email from anybody in the last 2 years so I decided to discontinue this project.

Ok, now some facts:

Icon.library v45.1 is the last official version from OS 3.9 as you all know.
Icon.library v45.2 is a fix for some memory leaks in v45.1, no other fixes.
Icon.library v45.4 is a patched v45.1 from Mike and belongs together with his WB.library v45.131 to the inofficial OS 3.9 Update on Aminet.
Icon.library v45.5 is a special version of v45.4 which was modified in order to work with 68000 CPUs and WB/Kickstart 3.1, but it was never public and there are no additional new features or fixes in comparison to v45.4 !!

Icon.library v45.4 has the largest number of fixes and is the only version which works hand in hand with the workbench.library v45.131 until now.
IconBefast is a patch for the color mapping and can be added to each of these libraries. The IconBeFast patches with the same subrevision number are in all cases identical hunks and the rest of the icon.library code remains always unchanged.

Two years ago I started to rewrite the complete icon.library because I wanted to add support for PNG and DualPNG icons in a small and very fast library. But after a few months I finally gave up, long before any new feature could be integrated into the old library. But, if you like, you can play with this early alpha version. It has not been testet very much, it's just a bit shorter and with a little luck, maybe it's even faster (or has at least some new bugs
Thanks for the update Peter
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