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Originally Posted by Galahad/FLT View Post
Stingray is right, its not just about code these days, design plays a major part now, and you can thank those fuckers Melon Dezign for that as well, because the legacy they started (i.e. ok code with great design) is very prevalent today.
Well, I personally think it's OK the way it is nowadays. Hardcore coder pr0n is still somewhat cool though but times have changed. And back then I enjoyed many of the Melon Dezign demos because they were entertaining to watch despite the lack of hardcore code.

Originally Posted by alexh View Post
I think that the reason there are so few Amiga demos these days is that we discovered beer and girls
Beer and girls existed in the early 90s already. The main "problem" is that the few remaining Amiga demo coders are not 15 anymore, i.e. they all have to work and stuff. So there's not much time left for coding demos.
Take this one for example, while it doesn't feature really hard to do effects it still took 3 months to code because I could only spend a few hours each day (if at all) on the code. It's like that for most other (Amiga) coders too.
Besides, most people concentrate on a release for one of the major parties (Breakpoint f.e.) and I can perfectly understand that.

Could the problem of lack of gfx be solved with a homage-demo which steals the gfx from much loved Amiga games and then takes the piss with them? Would be cool, no?
Would be utterly unoriginal and thus not cool. IMHO.
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