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Why so few NEW Amiga intros, demos, etc.?

I am always astonished by the amount of releases that see the light on C64 vs our beloved Amiga.

This surprises me even more when I see how many competent coders (galahad, photon, etc.) musicians and gfx artists hang at EAB + various other forums (hi Lizard!).

I am certainly more fond of Demos than Games, so waiting for some new Amiga releases out of a party contest (no Amiga releases on The Assembly 2009 btw), is quite boring.

Quite frankly, I would be pleased loading my old D-Paint in order to draw some logos, fonts, etc. It appears to me as far more creative than playing games (no hard feelings to gamers). And I am sure than some of you feel the same but just haven't got around doing it. Think of the joy of writing a scrolltext in 2009. Am I right?

Isn't there anyone here that would have some interest in releasing neat intros, for the fun of creating something on the amiga?

I look forward to hearing you, hords of Amiga demo fans!


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