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Was this a good number for Amiga Inc.?
Amiga Inc. may have hoped for more (realism is not one of their strong points). But it's actually a pretty good number - 1000 people were willing to prepay $50 for a hardware they have never seen running properly and an OS they have not seen at all yet.

The more realistic people hope that 5000-10000 A1 units get sold in the first 6 months (and that seems likely, given that 1000 people already bought such a coupon). This number would be enough to get software development started again. In fact, most of the remaining active developers are already working towards OS4.

It'll take quite a while to reach a market share that actually deserves to be called "market", but the number of coupons sold is a good sign.


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Oh come on, not ANN!


Looks like the Amiga One machines are not going to last long as there os no incentive for companies to make any software for it.
There's a lot of incentive for *Amiga* companies. I know of one company trying to target the Infochannel/Kiosk market with A1 bundles, directly attacking Scala Infochannel's market shares.

And im certainly not spending all thet money on an A1 board just to hook it up to my a1200 and carry on using deluxe paint on a faster system, id rather spend the money towering my a1200!
There will be PPC native versions of (amongst others) ImageFX, FXPaint, PerfectPaint, DiamondBox and (probably) ArtEffect. Additionally, PersonalPaint, Photogenics and TVPaint will work on a stock A1. No need to use DPaint
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