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NICE Big Byte! So you got yerself a megakey 1. Keep good care of it! And the comobo thing you got is a Sega CDX. ÜBER nice thing

I havent been IRCing for ages, but I suppose you could contact Snorter of GenesisPower. He used to be after all this stuff! However, make sure the cart is dumpable. if it is a pirate hack at Bomberman, chances is that inside instead of ROMs it has the black blob shite going on. If you can open up teh cart and see the insides, and if you see black blob instead of ICs, I dont know if the cart can be dumped.

in any case, join Newnet's #rareroms and see if Snorter is still dedicating to this stuff... Otherwise ask Cowering, Vitor or any other of the mods in there.
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