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Originally Posted by dlfrsilver View Post
I pick those things in an english mag richard, a preview in depth page.

Are you not remembering those or did the magazine faked ?
Memory's are coming back so maybe I did, but mag's used to bend what we said and change bits as all reporters do - but its believable. The Amiga version was a hybrid of Megadrive and Coinop.

The reference to x2 16 colour palettes wasn't anything dynamic, the screen was 32 colours, 5 planes (same as all other games I did) but all the graphics were 16 colour 4 plane (from the ST). So to take advantage of the Amiga's 32 colours the backgrounds were re-coloured with their own 16 colour palette. Effectively the back 4 planes were background and the front 4 planes foreground blittered sprites (I think ).

Hope that makes sense
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