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Originally Posted by Doobrey View Post
Quick note, you only need 44.24 if you're putting the ram-handler in ROM.
All I did was remove an unused BSS hunk and bump the revision number.

If anyone is interested in trying, I've uploaded another patch for scsi.device (43.43 IDE only), it includes Platon+Toni's fixes, plus I've optimised the IDE task a little, and removed some left over debugging code.
IIRC(I did it last year, fuzzy memory) it also includes Piru's SpeedyIDE patch from Blizkick.
Works for me, but YMMV etc.

If anyone is scared of using spatch on a CLI, just plonk the .pch files in Remus/Patches and extract the scsi.device with ROMsplit, it'll save the original, then apply the patches automagically.
Will test it a.s.a.p.

Right, just tested using winuae, and an HDF of 150GB. Using FFS 43.14 and 1 partition (size of drive).
It setup and formatted perfect in IDE0 mode and even booted from perfect.
This patch deffo solves everything, as before with 150GB test hdf, it would hang on formatting.

Just need to find time to try it with deneb on an A4000T. That should be fun, .

Thanks, Doobrey.

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