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Floppy disk Star Control II

Greetings from the New Alliance of Free Stars!

This week's episode of "Matt Chat" covers another great games of the early 90s: Star Control II.

[ Show youtube player ]

This is really a fun game that's often overlooked, but it's well worth checking out--especially now that it's open source and available in cool versions for modern platforms.

I also talk about Spacewar! and Starflight, an earlier hit that's also worth a look.

I had to take it out of the video due to time restrictions, but I wanted to show how some of the games Paul Reiche worked one earlier also influenced Star Control, most notably Archon and Mail Order Monsters. You really notice it if you compare the combat scenes and the diversity of the monsters or military units. I guess I'll have to do a future episode on these games.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think.
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