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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Still, I think it is worth a try.

Not only to see a more dynamic use of a hook/rope, but I believe that if someone likes the Turrican series and the SNES, there is a good chance he/she could enjoy Super Turrican 2 as a good SNES platform game (as long as a gameplay similar to T1/T2 is not entirely expected).

The same thing is valid for Rendering Ranger: worth a try, especially using the [ Show youtube player ] s2325 mentioned .

There are 2 quite different versions of Turrican for the Snes but i only ever found one of them to be enjoyable enough - the other feels like it was made too much with the Snes in mind and the whole thing just seems lost.I'd like to get round to playing the more decent looking one some day but i always seem to lose interest after a couple of levels.They may even be good games the both of them but yes like mentioned before, you should probably treat them like they're not Turrican games

Snes is usually the home to great platform shooters and it's hardware gives impressive games but Turrican remains at it's best on Amiga
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