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I know it's just down to personal taste and nostalgia half the time but the idea that Turrican1 had better title music is clearly absurd

I love a lot of the great tunes in T1 and they're some of my personal faves but the reworked theme for the T2 title is just about unmatched quite honestly - in fact i'd say it's the best composition on Amiga

T3 had some very mature Chris Huelsbeck work as well and although not quite as epic, the title music is excellent as are a number of truly memorable pieces

Part of the reason i think people remember these games so fondly is their music

It's also my opinion that the Snes Turrican shouldn never be considered a true Turrican in the sense it just doesn't feel right - one of the versions i did play however was a good enough game in it's own right
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