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Originally Posted by AB Positive View Post
I wonder, are the claw controls better on the Genesis? On the miggy you get only two buttons, but Sega had 3 minimum available. Maybe the extra button helps with control?
First, another EAB thread: Turrican 3 or MEGA Turrican??

On Mega Drive/Genesis, there is a button dedicated to the rope (the claw), therefore you can insta-fire it, making it much more usable during the game.

On Amiga, I don't remember if Turrican III is capable of handling the 3rd button of a Genesis pad with swapped wires as Hired Guns does (and I never managed to get this 3-button behaviour to work under Winuae).

Under a 2-button config, the 2nd button is either the smart bomb (when using joystick mode) or jump (when using the joypad mode, in which case up does nothing, while it could have been remapped to insta-firing the rope).

Also note that in Mega Turrican, level 1-2 is a hidden level, with special requirements to access it.

You also need to give a try to Super Turrican 2 (SNES) in which there is a grappling hook and hence it shares some similarities with Mega T./T. III.

Although you can only fire it upwards or diagonally upwards and forwards, it is used in a more dynamic way (although the way the rope is used in Mega T. in level 2-1 to get some bonus lives is quite close).
For instance, at the beginning of Stage 1-2, there is some "hidden" stuff at the top left corner and you need to heavily use the hook to get to it. Try that and you will see what I mean.
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